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CA Application Performance Management
Year Founded20081976
APM Customer Count550Thousands
Gartner APM MQ PositionLeaderLeader
# of Products Required14
SaaS DeploymentAll CapabilitiesPartial Capabilities
On-Premise DeploymentAll CapabilitiesAll Capabilities
# of Consultants0Hundreds
Professional Services Revenue Last Quarter$0$97 Million
Largest Production Application being Monitored10,000+ JVMs2,000 JVMs
List License Price$6,600 per JVM$13,000 per CPU

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“Originally we were using Wily Introscope for deep method inspections. One of the reasons it didn’t pan out for us was the requirement that we tell it whenever a particular event was occurring, and that we needed to know more about that event. It becomes difficult whenever you don’t know that a particular type of event is about to happen and you go to your APM and say, ‘Now pay attention. Now give me some more.’ Something like AppDynamics, which detects that event and says, ‘Hey, something interesting is going on, I’m going to collect more data for you.’ That was more in line with the type of solution we were looking for.”

-John Martin, Senior Director of Production Engineering at

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