Beyond just APM: full stack observability with AppDynamics

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Beyond just APM: Full stack observability with AppDynamics

According to the latest Agents of Transformation research, 96% of technologists now recognise that having the ability to monitor all technical areas across their IT stack and directly link that performance to business outcomes is now essential to delivering first-class digital experiences and accelerating digital transformation. 

Join this webinar hosted by Daniel Ratnaras, AppDynamics Regional Sales Manager and John Perkins, AppDynamics Solutions Engineer to learn how AppDynamics allows you to understand the connection between your app’s health, user satisfaction, and your business results. As the world’s only business-first observability platform, AppDynamics help enterprises:

  • Get end-to-end visibility into all of the components that make up your application ecosystem
  • Focus on bringing IT and the business together to deliver business context aligned to application performance
  • Achieve full stack observability to see everything from the user, the network, back to the app and the infrastructure

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Daniel Ratnaras

Regional Sales Manager, AppDynamics

John Perkins

Solutions Engineer, AppDynamics

About AppDynamics

AppDynamics is your partner in creating amazing digital experiences for today’s demanding customers. We provide a real-time business and application performance management platform, built to ensure that enterprise apps always meet customer and employee needs, deliver business value, and create loyalty. AppDynamics is now part of Cisco.